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About Roman Rofalski

Roman Rofalski is considered to be of the few pianists who have the ability to express both in classical music and improvised Jazz with outstanding technique and musicianship. In addition, his compositions merge these two worlds creating a new and unique conception of composed and improvised music.
He received both bachelor and masters degrees from the renown University for Music and Drama Hannover (Germany). In the summer of 2007, he was accepted for the artist diploma class and studied under the guidance of Prof Christpher Oakden. While studying he also received valued direction from Prof. Bernd Goetzke (HMT Hannover), Prof Matti Raekallio (Juilliard School, NY) and Prof. Claudius Tanski (Mozarteum Salzburg, Austria).

During the Summer of 2010, he attended the Siena Jazz Masterclass in Italy, where he met the New York based pianist and educator Kenny Werner. After passing the entrance exam, he moved to New York to study with him at the New York University’s Steinhardt Jazz masters program. Since then, he had the chance to play and work with Jazz Giants like Eric Harland, Peter Bernstein, Joe Lovano, Tony Moreno or David Berkman.

Currently, Roman is reciting and touring all over Germany, Italy and Romania and was recently invited to play in festivals like the “Leverkusener Jazztage”, “Saxophon Festival Seligenstadt”,  the Jazzralley Düsseldorf.  In addition to festivals he performed the opening recital for “Klaviertage Unterelbe”. As an accompanist, he appeared in several southern-german brass and reed  festivals as well as on the “Hülasta Woodwinds” competition, Münster. Roman holds a lectureship for accompaniment at the University for Music and Drama Hannover. He is educating in form of private lectures and masterclasses and is reciting in various ensembles in both classical music and jazz.

He is a scholar of the "Koge&lSchmidt"-Foundation as well as "Stiftung deutsche Musikleben" and currently studies in the Masters Program at Aaron Copland School, New York.

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Roman Rofalski Trio

New Album out!!

we are happy to announce the release of our third album, "SONAR" on Berthold Records!

Nine wonderful tracks intersecting classical motives, abstract, loop-driven grooves and our love for modern jazz.

available on amazon, itunes or directly at my casa!

stay tuned! for more info, please visit

Roman Rofalski Trio - Studio Konzert

    For jazz musicians, performing live is the essential and most exciting setting for artistic development. On stage we get to recompose pre-arranged material, take risks and therefore allow the music to take a different turn each night. Even more exciting than just performing is being "caught in the act” - being recorded live in concert. A little less than one year after recording our Neuklang debut album Der Wegweiser, we were given the opportunity to return to Bauer Studios to do exactly that. Same piano, same gear, the same amazing engineer Philipp Heck - the difference being a curious audience within touching distance and a red light that kept reminding us of the fact that this time around every note will be recorded on tape immediately and irreversibly, no edits, no second take. In this thrilling and inspiring atmosphere we had the pleasure of recording the music for this disc, documenting our development as a group and capturing a very special evening.


    Roman's new project incorporates his love for 90's techno, combining prepared piano and electronics. 
    His goal is to create a space between club and art, concrete motives, meditative soundscapes and advanced beats.
    No album releases

    Kapustin Project

    I've just finished some nice videos, that I am happy to share with you. It is first evidence of my new project, a recording of music by the Russian composer Nikolai Kapustin. (born 1937). 
    Over the last decades he has been extremely productive writing more than 150 works and collections of piano pieces, reflecting his very unique view on jazz and popular music.

    These videos are part of a series of clips that I'll be releasing over the next few weeks on Youtube. 

    I hope you will enjoy and share my love for Kapustin!
    No album releases


    Improvisation, Interaction, Live Elektronics – these are the main characteristics of this performance. The Hofmann-Rofalski Duo is walking the fine line between free improvisation and intelligent Clubsound. Hofmann on the Saxophon and Rofalski on the Grand piano are always in the process of finding new ways of expression in fresh and exciting soundscapes.Within their performances, the two musicians refer to a rich variety of techniques of improvised music:  dialog of two acoustic instruments, alienating their sound spectra with help of audio programming software Csound. This Duo outlines a delicate wave of sound, spanning boarders of genres and generates an intense listening experience.

    Seltene Erden Sampler

      2015, DEGEM
      Hofmann/Rofalski feel honored to be chosen for the Sampler "Seltene Erden" by German Society for electro-acustic music!


      Tenorama, is a diverse duet between a tenor saxophone and piano in traditional chamber music settings.Repertoire performed consists of music originally written for the more traditional pairing of piano and clarinet, horn, cello, mgambe, or viola.  Adapting and arranging the works of Bach, Schumann, Hindemith, and Glinka for this unique duo with effort in maintaining originality of the character exploit the versatility of the musicians. 


      As a pairing, Tenorama, performs with the warmth of the horn, precise articulation of the bassoon, differentiated vibrato of the violin, and the richness of a cello.  This combined with highly agile musical communication proves to be a stimulating experience.  

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      Roman Rofalski Trio - Bugner